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Like us most people search online nowadays and book their own hotels and flights separately. You may not know this but the online companies are mainly dominated by Expedia and Priceline, most of the other holiday comparison sites are owned by these two companies. You may not be getting a great deal after all from, and Trivago for example as they are all owned by the two big company's mentioned earlier.

The big boys have exclusive access to a back end database where over 400,000 hotels from the UK and around the world lodge their unfilled rooms at wholesale prices. the big boys pick up these rooms, add on a hefty commission and display them on their own websites for you to compare against.

With Ariix Travel, through Your Wedding Shop, we can help you to access to the wholesale prices as well at a click of a button. Individuals have never had access to this back end system until now, Ariix is only the third company to have been granted exclusive access to this database.

You will never pay over the odds for a hotel room again

The biggest savings we have found are on the luxury destinations, such as Dubai, USA, Cancun, Caribbean ECT, perfect for our brides, that why we are sharing this with you..

So do you want access to these wholesale discounts, or keep paying whatever Expedia and Priceline ask you for?

If you want to know more just fill in the form and we will tell you all about how you can access these savings.

Just £99 gives you 1 years access to this back end portal used by the major online companies to make profit from me and you.

Receive £198 back in holiday rewards tokens to use towards your first holiday, double your money back.

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