If you turn up at our store unannounced to retry your gown without an appointment, you may be asked to re-book and return at a later date if we are busy or the gown has been stored at our external storage. A few days’ notice should be given should you wish to retry your gown.
We estimate that 80% of our gowns may be discounted at any one time, and who knows, one of these may be your dream dress!
As we sell all our new dresses off-the-peg, personal hygiene is a huge consideration and a comfortable environment for both staff and brides alike is of utmost priority. As a result, an offer of a fitting may be withdrawn if hygiene is a problem and our beautiful dresses are at risk.
We are happy to welcome well-behaved, quiet children. However, we want every bride to have an amazing experience whilst trying on dresses, and this can be difficult and frustrating for all concerned should there be a baby crying in the background demanding their mother’s attention.

As 80% of our stock are ‘one-off gowns’, please do not be offended if we ask before the fitting, “if you find your dream dress today, are you in a position to put a deposit down?” As we have over 900 designer gowns, the consultant will work exceptionally hard with you to help find your dream dress. Our consultants take their job very seriously, so please come to us for a fitting when you’re serious about finding your dream dress. Stock changes all the time so please do not expect a full fitting if your wedding is more than 2 years away or have no set date or venue booked. Our dresses will have been updated significantly within this time period so you would not be giving yourself the best options and may change your mind nearer to the date.

We are always building our plus size lines from sizes 18-34. Please be aware, and not offended, when the price structure is very slightly higher. This is simply because larger dresses require more material, more crystals, and better construction. For us, it’s not about the size, but the shape our dresses will give you and the confidence you will feel when wearing one of our stunning, carefully picked gowns.
If we have ordered your gown you will not be able to change it. If it is an ‘off-the-peg’ dress, this decision will be at the discretion of management and will only be considered if the gown is still on our premises. There is a charge, currently set at £125, for this service, which includes returning to try on other gowns to see if your original choice was the right choice. This service is only available on Thursday and Friday.
We offer an accessory-only service where you are welcome to bring in your own gown and try our amazing range of bridal sashes, tiaras, and veils. (Your gown is your responsibility – no liability will be accepted on behalf of Your Wedding Shop whilst on our premises).
Everyone is welcome to have a look around our shop and browse our beautiful range of wedding gowns. As part of our ‘walk-in service’, please feel free to view our products and prices, soak up the vibrant atmosphere, and chat to our friendly staff to find out more about our services before committing to an appointment.
Your appointment should be the fun bit of finding the THE ONE. You may have already browsed through magazines to see which styles you like and what might suit you, and you’re very welcome to bring any images with you so that we can see if there is anything similar in our range.
Come to your appointment with an open mind, and be honest with us! Every dress looks different when it is tried on, and eliminating styles is just as important as finding the styles you like in the search for your perfect dress. Unless you already know what style suits you, be prepared to try different styles – that way you’ll know when you try on the perfect dress. Speak to us – we will not pressure you in any way. Tell us what you like and don’t like and we can help you select dresses until you find the right one. If you have a budget in mind, please tell us, there is no need to be embarrassed. In most cases, we will be able to suggest alternatives that will fit with your budget.
We recommend bringing 3 guests with you to the appointment who will be really honest and whose opinion you really trust. We don’t recommend a large crowd as sometimes a range of opinions can be overwhelming for a bride-to-be. Everyone will have a different opinion of what you should wear for your wedding day but this often reflects their own tastes!


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